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Tarot 101: Meet The Wands

Blog Posts Posted on Sat, November 03, 2018 11:10

Happy November Witches!

This month I am going to write a weekly post introducing the Tarot. I am going to aim to get them posted every Friday, but we shall see what the mental health fairy allows. If it goes well, and this series gets a good response, I would like to continue it forward, with perhaps weekly Tarot Spreads, and other tips for learning and reading your cards, along side my usual Witchy content.

I have been reading the cards for over 10 years (how has that happened?!), and I have done, and still occasionally do do some professional readings. That said, it is important to note that the Tarot is often based on Intuition, and relies on you finding your own connection and meanings in the cards; what a card means to me, might not necessarily be the same as what it means to you, and different decks have different pictures that can inspire different feelings. I am not going to talk too specifically about the imagery in the cards, because it may well not be relevant to you if you don’t have the Rider Waite deck.

If you are just starting to get into Tarot, and feeling overwhelmed by trying to learn the meanings behind the cards, you can check out this post that I made on how to make learning them quick and easy.

Okay, that all said, let’s dive in!

Meet your strong, loud and ambitious cousins.

I like to think of the cards as members of your family, each with a different little piece of advice for you and your life.
The Suit of Wands are that good looking side of the family that never follow the dress code, but somehow look better than anyone else at the table anyway.
They are the creatives in your life who inexplicably have also have a life plan and somehow manage to make money.
They live a work hard / play hard life, and it works well for them.

I am personally a massive fan of Wands, in fact, I would go as far as to say that they are my favourite suit.

Wands correspond with the Fire Element, so as you would expect they are often wild, energetic, and passionate cards, bursting with strength, sexuality, ambition, and desire. But tread carefully, because Fire can also be unpredictable, uncontrollable, and ultimately destructive.

If you are using playing cards to do a reading, the suit of Wands, corresponds to Clubs.

Wands As Situations and Emotions
When Wands pop up in a reading, it can signal a range of different situations, depending on the questions being asked.
For example, in a relationship reading, Wands will usually speak of Passion, Desire and Sexuality, the things that keep the spark of romance alive. It could be a reminder for you to rekindle with your lover, or a warning that you are behaving shallowly.
In a career reading, wands are usually a great sign that your hard work is paying off; new jobs, promotions, pay rises, or even just an early finish on a Friday. A wand could be the encouragement you need to get that project finished, or to drop that colleague who is slowing you down.
Wands can pop up in any situation you are in, and are usually a sign that you should be ambitious, and work hard to achieve, so that when you do let your hair down, you can do it with flare.

Wands As People
Sometimes, when you pull a Wands Card, you might feel like it is describing a person that is having an impact on you, rather than the situation that you are in. Wands people are often, but not always, Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius). They tend to be the type of person that you warm to instantly; they are creative, charismatic, and spiritually rich, if potentially a little self-involved, over ambitious, or unpredictable. If you go out for drinks with a Wands person, you can guarantee it is going to be a wild night.

King of Wands

This chap is a natural born leader, he takes big ideas, and sees them through to completion, he is a natural problem solver, and people like to feel like they have pleased him. He is in control of his own destiny, and may well be in charge of the destinies of others too, his passion inspires his friends and colleagues, and when he sees a challenge – he eats it.

This card could describe your own feelings on a certain aspect of your life, or it could describe a person who inspires you; maybe your boss, best friend, or parent. When the King of Wands describes a situation, it points to an event in which your hold the reins, and it is your duty to inspire others to work with you to be a success. You must be passionate and single minded to overcome the inevitable road-blocks, but with hard work and dedication, you will find success.

In reverse, the King of Wands is a bloke with big ideas, but no “get-go”. He is constantly disappointed by his own failure to achieve, and as a result often makes hasty, and unwise decisions, in a desperate attempt to try and reach his unrealistic goals. This King can be unpleasant to be around as he becomes more and more overbearing on those he relies upon, as he gets further and further away from his selfish goals. There is nothing inspiring about this impulsive grasper, and those around him will do what they can to avoid working for, or with him.

Queen of Wands

‘Dis b*tch aint’ playin’.
This social lady is focused, creative, and strong-willed. She is fiercely independent, and is very particular – even stubborn – in her wants. She is always ready to rise to the challenge, and remains optimistic and confident, even when it seems like the odds are against her. This woman is naturally warm, and you will find that you want to be around her, and can instinctively trust her. She wont pull her punches when she gives you advice, but you will always know that she’s speaking the truth. She may have a fiery temper, but it’s only because her passion burns hot – her heart is always in the right place.

Maybe you recognise yourself in the Queen of Wands (I do!), or maybe you see her in someone else that is important in your life. If the Queen of Wands is describing an event in your life, it is a situation that puts you into the centre of the stage, and may mean that you have many people relying on you. You must be a grafter, and unafraid to be firey to get what is best for you and those you love, even if people begrudge you in the short term, they will realise your wisdom in the future.

The Reversed Queen of Wands is more manipulative, and demanding. She expects a lot of others, but offers little in return, and has delusions of grandeur regardless. The reversed Queen of Wands may also indicate that you feel like people are taking you for granted, or not treating you as well as you feel you deserve, take a moment to consider if the problem is really with them.

Knight of Wands

A man (or woman) or action! This character is determined in pursuit of his goals, he’s impulsive, confident, and can sometimes come across as slightly aggressive. He doesn’t care for the criticism of others, and strides on regardless of those that would stand in his way. He understands that calculated risk taking can be necessary part of success, and feels that it is important that others can see how bold he is in his actions, he wants to be the best, and is willing to do what it takes to get there.

If the Knight of Wands doesn’t describe you, it may describe a colleague, or family member. When it describes an occurrence, it is something unexpected that has knocked you off your feet and swept you away with it, perhaps a new project, job, home, or lover. You may find yourself inexplicably with no free time, and far too much to do, if you keep your head down, stay busy, and ignore what others may think of your seemingly brash decisions, you will find your way through. Careful not to act too impulsive, or attempt short cuts, as these could be your undoing.

The Knight of Wands in Reverse, is reckless and angry due to his goals being delayed. When he cannot have what he wants, as quickly as he wants it, he becomes demanding, reckless, and selfish. This card may indicate that you feel held back by things out of your control, and this has resulted in you losing your self esteem, and personal drive. Even if your are frustrated by the situation you are in, try not to lash out at those around you, your impulsive anger could sever the small amount of control you still hold, and leave you cantering quickly towards nothing.

Page of Wands

The page of Wands is an enthusiastic young lass, with brilliant creative ideas, and possibly a slightly naive sense of wonder at the world and its possibilities. She is spontaneous and optimistic about the future, she sees potential problems, as opportunities to explore and overcome. She is the embodiment of freedom and is not yet burdened with a realistic view of the world and her own personal circumstances.It would be easy for the world to swallow this idealistic young lady up, but she is intensely practical and quick on her feet, and her positivity will be her ultimate strength.

The Page of Wands is another card that I see a lot of myself in, and perhaps you do too, or maybe you see glimpses of her in the other faces around you. Alternatively, the Page of Wands may indicate unexpected good news in your life, or a the beginning of something new that you feel very excited about. Embrace your positivity, but try not to act foolishly, there is a thin line between innocence and ignorance, and without care it could lead to your downfall.

Reversing the Page of Wands indicates that you are feeling trapped. Perhaps you have started out on a new venture, but it has not succeeded as you planned, because of some foolish mistakes you made due to lack of experience. Maybe someone is pissing on your dreams, and making it hard to find the positives in your chosen venture. This could be a warning to avoid starting a new project that you know little about.

Numerology In the Tarot
I tend to use Numerology to help me quickly interpret the Minor Arcana Non-Court Cards, this is especially helpful if you use a Pip-Deck (a deck that doesn’t have a full illustration for each of the cards in the minor arcana, an instead just has an image of “X” number of wands/cups/swords/pentacles). The simple idea is, that as you know that Wands represent Energy, Creativity, Work & Ideas, that you just use the numerological corresponding meaning, to interpret that card.

Ace of Wands

A new creative venture! This card represents your burning passion for a project, and you igniting the spark of something that could turn into something very beautiful or exciting. This is your small torch in the darkness, guiding you towards success, take it in both hands and embrace your creativity! Only you can turn your dreams into reality

REVERSED: Fatigue, Boredom, Idleness and a Lack of Creativity, consider taking this time to rest, and stop putting pressure on yourself.

II of Wands

You are beginning to turn your ideas into something tangible, this is amazing! Start to find a realistic balance between what you imagine, and what is possible. Now is the time to plan for the future, and to make big decisions; take your time to choose the right path, because this is what will ultimately decide your success.

REVERSED: Lackadaisical, Poor Planning, Reckless Impulsiveness, Fear of the Unknown, but also the possibility of something great coming from something scary.

III of Wands

Your ideas are transforming and growing into actual, tangible, goals. You are starting to consider how you will practically tackle the impending obstacles, and put your plan into action. You are dedicated to your path, and excited to see how rapidly it is expanding.

REVERSED: Unexpected Interruptions, Trials, and Distractions, but, if you stay true to the course, it will just be part of the rich tapestry you are weaving. Don’t be discouraged!

IV of Wands
Your hard work and dedication has brought you to a point of stability and and harmony. This is a time of rest following a stressful period of hard work, lean back and enjoy what you have built, but ensure you are ready for the next thing life throws at you.

REVERSED: Instability, Conflict, Uncertainty, but don’t lose hope! Concentrate on finding your feet and the rest will follow.

V of Wands

Other forces are trying to control a situation that you have built, you may have to fight to stay in charge. These people are no real challenge for you, you just need to make sure that you have your own head screwed on straight. This is a good time to make sure that all of your hens are in order, so that any future disturbances can be taken care of quickly and easily.

REVERSED: Submission and Conflict Avoidance, try not to let others walk all over you, but if this is a chance for a mutually beneficial partnership, don’t turn it down!

VI of Wands
People are starting to notice your commitment to the cause and are applauding you for it. You can taste victory in your mouth, and it is very sweet. You are starting to transition from a person who had an idea, to a person who achieved a goal.

REVERSED: Doubtfulness, Misunderstanding, Misguided Expectations, but even if others don’t understand or appreciate what you are doing, it doesn’t mean you are on the wrong path.

VII of Wands

Your passion is taking fruition, but you must be swift to catch it! You hold all the power here, but you must be absolutely sure in your actions. Be careful to assess your situation and be realistic in your expectations before you make any rash decisions. You can reach your goals, but it will take, swift and accurate action.

REVERSED: Exhaustion, Powerlessness, Overwhelmedness. You need to take a moment to catch your breath and build your confidence, it is okay to not be able to do everything all at once.

VIII of Wands
Things are changing all around you, and you must react quickly! It feels as if you have been struggling for a long time, and all of a sudden, things are taking off from beneath you. You are overflowing with energy and creativity, take advantage of it and hit your goals with full force.

REVERSED: Wasted Energy, Delays, Lack of Control. Sometimes rest is a good and necessary thing, try to use this time to recharge your batteries, so that you are ready for the next thing.

IX of Wands

You are so close to your goal! You may feel exhausted, and frustrated, but it has all been worth while. Now is the final stretch before victory, and it is well within your reach, if you can just battle through your final doubts and be resilient and strong to the end.

REVERSED: Solitude, Fatigue, Failure. Although it feels like your journey is ending, you do not have the energy to complete it, sometimes, we need to rest and that is okay. You can pick up where you left off, once you have fully recuperated.

X of Wands

You have worked so so so hard, and now you can reap the rewards. However, you may find that you now have too many responsibilities to keep up with! What should be a time of relaxation, is more stressful than you anticipated, and you now need to learn to delegate. Perhaps this project has led you to dream of more potential futures, which you must now pursue as the inspirtation cycle restarts…

REVERSED: Mistrusting, Burdonded, Self-Importance. You feel like you can’t delegate your project onto others, and this could mean you become trapped within it, but there is no shame in being a good leader, take the time to make sure your plans are safe before leaving them.

Waxing Wands
I really hope this blog has been helpful to those of you who are just starting to pick up the Tarot. Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions!

Which Wands card can you relate to?
What things would you like to see covered in my future Tarot posts?

As ever, if you don’t already, please do check me out on Facebook & Instagram.

Peace and Love xxx

Witchcraft 101: The Wheel Of The Year (Part 4)

Blog Posts Posted on Thu, November 01, 2018 18:39

Ah the Holidays.

Witches celebrate lots of different things (what can I say? We love to party!).
Is the moon looking a bit cool? Celebrate.
Is the weather changing? Celebrate.
Does some ancient God of Wine probably like this day for some reason? Definitely definitely celebrate.

It really is worth mentioning here that, as there are hundreds of different Pagan faiths, that there are literally thousands of different religious festivals to match them, and you can feel free to pick and choose whatever feels right for you and your practise.
I am going to talk today about the eight most commonly celebrated festivals of the Witchy calendar – also known as The Wheel of the Year. These celebrations are not in any way religious, and can be celebrated by absolutely anybody, Secular Witches, atheists, and non-witchy pals included.

Samhain (31st October)
Happy Witchy New Year!

Samhain is the festival of the dead; a time to remember your lost loved ones, be thankful for the things you have, and embrace change.

Here are some things you could do to celebrate (although I will do a more extensive blog for Samhain this week!):

– Go to a Graveyard and put flowers on all of the graves that are too old to have people to remember them.

– Talk to your family about your ancestors, find out about your family tree, and tell stories about the people who have passed.

– Host a Dumb Supper; this is when you make a lovely meal and set a place at the table for your dead, and then eat in silence, holding them in your thoughts.

If you are a lover of a more traditional, less spiritual halloween that involves dressing up, and getting drunk, then you can still do all of that! Maybe celebrate Samhain spiritually through the day, and then engage in your usual fun activities in the evening.

Winter Solstice (20th/21st December)

My favourite night of the year, and also the longest.

Winter solstice is a time for reflection, and looking forward to the days slowly becoming warmer and lighter again. It is also the time to let go of any negativity you have been harboring, and put an end to bad habits.

– The Solstice is a Fire Festival, so gather your friends and family together, and light up the darkness with a bonfire.

– Write down the things you want to let get of from your life, and burn them in the fire.

– Wake up early and go somewhere to watch the sunrise, and welcome the longer days arriving.

Imbolc (1st/2nd February)

The winter is almost over! I repeat, the winter is almost over!

Traditionally this was the day that people took down their Winter decorations, in order to release the nature spirits back into the world (but the Victorians decided to cut this short because they were grumpy, and wanted to make people work harder).

This is the time to get excited about the future; Imbolc means spring cleaning.

– Spring clean your home, and donate the things you don’t need to charity.

– Spring clean your mind in whatever way feels right to you.

– Make dedications to yourself and to the people you love, kind of like belated New Years Resolutions, but more healthy, and realistic, and without the pressure and self-deprecation.

Spring Equinox (21st/22nd March)
Equinox number one, and also the first day of Spring.

Like its counterpart, this is a festival of balance, and appreciating everything that is good and light in your life. This is a brilliant time to get outdoors and appreciate nature, it really doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you remember how good fresh air feels.

– Go to the park and have a picnic by yourself, maybe meditate.

– See if you can spot the first daffodils of the year!

– This is the perfect time to start planting seeds- if you don’t have a garden (like me), do it guerilla style, or get some window boxes.

Beltane (1st May)


Now that I have your attention… The flowers are blooming, the baby animals are frolicking, and although you might like to use May Day as an excuse for some hanky panky, it is also a great time to get productive, get creative, and get outside.
The word Beltane is a combination of the Gaelic “Bel” meaning Bright One, and “Taine” meaning Fire. That’s right, it’s another Fire Festival.

– Get your family and friends together to jump over a fire (a candle will do) to celebrate your fruitful relationships.

– Ponder and discuss hopes and plans for the future with the ones you love most.

– Indulge in the absolute pleasures of Spring! Feast on fresh local produce, pick flowers for your home, and dance deep into the night.

Summer Solstice (21st/22nd June)

The summer Solstice is the longest day of the year, and one of the most exciting celebrations in the Witchy community.

Although it seems to be the ultimate sunshine celebration, it is important to remember that this is actually the begining of Summer’s end; from here on out, the nights will get shorter and shorter until Winter returns. This is a time for reflection, and forward planning.

– Go wild camping somewhere beautiful, and stay up all night to watch the sunset, and then, watch it rise again, seemingly only moments later.

Lammas – Also known as Lughnasadh (1st August)

This is the first of the three Harvest Festivals.

Take the time to consider the things you are grateful for; your money, your home, your loved ones, and especially your food…

– Bake bread and cakes to shared with your pals, the word Lammas literally means Loaf Mass.

– Get down to your local farmer’s market and see what you can find, this is the time to celebrate the first fruits of the year

– Feed your friends, literally. Make dish that can be shared, and then take it in turns to feed each other bites, while one person chews, the other person who fed them wishes them good things (“I hope we’ll always be friends.”, “I hope you land that promotion.” etc).

– Toast the passing summer with lots and lots (and lots?) of wine.

Autumn Equinox (21st/22nd September)
My “other” favourite.

Like the Spring Equinox, there is an equal amount of light and darkness on this day. It is a time of balance, a time to be grateful for the abundance of summer and to prepare to welcome the colder months ahead. Embrace the darkness in your life.

-It might be nice to invite your friends round for a plentiful meal, but also invite them to bring dried, canned, or other non-perishable foods to donate to a food bank or homeless shelter.

-You might want to go for a walk in the darkness and embrace it re-entering the world.
Do some Autumn Cleaning, it’s like Spring Cleaning, but darker.

I wrote a two blogs about the Equinox this year that you can check out here:
10 Ways To Celebrate The Autumn Equinox (With No Preparation, and No Money)
Tarot for the Autumn Equinox

I know this blog was a day or so late, and I do apologise, but hopefully it is a good way to round off my Witchcraft 101 series! Which is your favourite Witchy Holiday? How do you celebrate? Let me know in the comments!

This month, I am going to be writing mostly about one of my favourite topics: Tarot! We’ll be exploring each of the suits, and also the major arcana in some detail, it should be fun! If that goes well, I am thinking about starting a short weekly Tarot Spread blog, to give you guys some fun ideas.
If you are new to Tarot, you should really check out my blog So Many Cards, So Little Time! to help you learn the meanings behind the cards quickly.

As ever don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram if you don’t already!

Peace and love! xx

Witchcraft 101: the Witches Toolkit (Part 3)

Blog Posts Posted on Tue, October 23, 2018 13:08

Welcome to Part 3 of my Witchcraft 101 Series (sorry it’s a little late!), this week I am going to look at some of the more common tools and objects a witch may use in their craft. Now, this list is far from extensive, and is not to be used as a “Shopping List” – remember, you don’t HAVE to buy anything at all to practise Witchcraft, it is likely a lot of the things you may need you already have at home, or can collect for free in nature. I don’t even own everything that is on this list, a lot of this stuff simply doesn’t “call” to me, but it might call to you…

The Basics
Book of Shadows: A journal where you note down all of your Witchy workings, and keep records of your spells, rituals, and celebrations. Everyone does this in a different way; from big leather bound books filled with secret languages, and pages of reflections, to quickly scrawled notes in scrappy journals, to digital diaries that aren’t technically “books” at all. You just do you. What is important is that you take the time to reflect on your workings, and that you have a log that you can refer to in the future to help you see what works (and what doesn’t), or just to review how far you have come!

Grimoire: This term is often used interchangeably with Book of Shadows, but it is generally considered to be a slightly different thing. A Grimoire, is more like a traditional spell book, where you would keep a record of all the solid information you know, without including your own experiences and feelings. For instance a Grimoire may contain information about; The Wheel of the Year, Sabbats, Spell Instructions, Potion Ingredients, Planetary Alignments, etc.
The difference for me is, I could share my Grimoire with anyone who was looking to learn about the craft, but I wouldn’t want to share my Book of Shadows with anyone else, because it is too personal, and probably wouldn’t really be useful to anyone else anyway.

Wand: As you may expect, a wand is usually a slim, straight, handheld piece of wood, metal, crystal, or bone. It may have symbols carved or burnt into it, and generally has some kind of ceremonial or magical association. A wand is generally used in spells and rituals to direct and magnify energy, such as shaping sacred symbols, guiding energy into specific places. I very rarely use a wand in my work, though I do have a lovely piece of willow, and a fairly gnarly piece of bone in my kit just in case. The cheapest way to get a wand is to make one yourself, but if you prefer you can buy some beautiful handmade pieces on Etsy.

Chalice: This is essentially a Ceremonial Cup that can be used for a number of things including; libations (ritual wine/water pouring), scrying, cleansing, and of course, drinking. In Wicca it is considered to also be a representation of the Divine Feminine, and can represent the Goddess on your Altar.

Atheme: A ceremonial knife, more often used for spiritual and metaphorical cutting, than literal slicing – although having a real blade can certainly prove very useful during some rituals! In Wicca, an Atheme often represents the Divine Masculine, and can be used to represent the God.

(It may interest you to note that the above three tools, are also three of the four suits used in Tarot Cards- the fourth is Pentacles, often represented using a Pentagram. I haven’t included a Pentagram in this list because I don’t personally use one at all, and it means a lot of different things to different people. That said, if you love Tarot and want to set up your altar to reflect this, you could certainly use a Pentacle, or alternatively some coins or seeds.)

Broom: Where would we Witches be without our Broomsticks? Well, I don’t have one, but they are a nice tool, mostly used for sweeping negative Energy out of your space, or from around people.

Mortar & Pestle: A practical tool for grinding up herbs and salts.

Cauldron: A heat proof vessel for a range of tasks including burning, making potions and brews, scrying in water, or simply holding spell ingredients. Like the Chalice it is often considered to be feminine and sacred to the Goddess.

Herbs: For many Witches a comprehensive Herb Kit is essential, and particularly for Kitchen, Green, and Hedge Witches. There are hundreds and hundreds of herbs which you can use in your work, and even grow in your garden, or on your window sill, and certainly more than I could possibly cover in this blog post; for that reason, I will be doing a Herbs 101 blog (or maybe even month) in the not so distant future!

An altar is a sacred space that means different things to different people. It could be a place to relax, meditate and connect with the world, a place to honour your deities, or a workbench for your spellcraft. You can make your altar as individual as you are. Use a grand ornate table or a small wooden box, and adorn it with objects that are special and personal to you. There could be photographs of the people you love, trinkets from your childhood, souvenirs from special times and places- candles also help to create a soothing atmosphere. It doesn’t have to be spiritual, or religious.

That said, here are some of the more common items that people dress their Altars with, these often change with the Sabbats and the seasons (but more on that next week).

Candles: Candles are great! Not only can they be used to represent fire or life on your altar, you can also use their colour associations for various Candle Magics, or to amplify the other workings you are doing. Different people associate different colours to different feelings, but here are some of the more generally accepted ideas;
WHITE: The most versatile of the candles! Use these bad boys for anything, but in particular representing light, life, and beginnings.
BLACK: Banishing spells, rituals for endings, absorbing negativity and rest.
GREY: Neutral, balancing and protective spells and rituals.
RED: A passionate colour! Lust seems obvious, but also anger, violence, and revenge.
ORANGE: Ambition and creativity, often used in career spells.
YELLOW: This cheerful colour is often used in happiness and luck rituals, as well as money spells.
GREEN: The colour of growth! Use for health, nature and abundance workings. Also the colour of the American Dollar, and therefore often used to grow ‘dat cash.
BLUE: Peace, calm, patience and emotional healing. I use these candles A LOT.
PURPLE: Widely considered to be a mystical colour, this is great for working with the Hedge, astral travel, or any kind of psychic abilities.
PINK: Love, kindness and affection spells.
SILVER: The moon, the night, sleep, and dreaming spells, and you can also use a silver candle to represent the Goddess.
GOLD: The sun, optimism, confidence and willpower. You can also use a gold candle to represent the God.

Incense: Not just smelly sticks you can find in your local hippy shop! Also; a representation of the air element, and similarly to candles, you can get (or make!) different scents to compliment your workings.

Natural Objects: In a lot of Green Witch Altars are adorned with things from nature that you can easily collect when you are out and about, there is something nice about welcoming the outside world and all its magic into your home. My altar is mostly natural things, I really struggle to stop myself from collecting anything and everything I find on my travels.
WATER: As you may expect can represent the Water element on your altar. Collect it from a natural source like a river, or the rain.
FEATHERS: Another common representation for Air. I personally pick up feathers wherever I see them naturally shed on the ground (please don’t buy feathers! These often come from very poorly treated birds.), I have quite a collection now, and I love trying to identify which birds they are from.
BONES: A little reminder of death never hurt anybody…
STONES: To represent the Earth.
SHELLS: Most people collected shells from the Seaside when they were children, you can still do it now and keep them on your altar to correspond with Water and the sea. Again, try to collect these naturally rather than from craft stores or online, as sometimes the environment has been damaged when collecting shells for commercial use!
FLOWERS / STICKS / LEAVES / SEEDS: Pretty much anything else that grows and falls can be used on your altar, I like to change mine up seasonally, and constantly update it with the things I find.

Essential Oils: You can use essential oils in your diffuser, or in a range of other ways to help you with you various workings. There are hundreds of scents to choose from (or you could even make your own), and they each have their own correspondences.

Representations of you Gods (if you have any): If you worship any deities, it might be nice to have something to represent them on your altar. It could be a picture, an ornament, a candle, or any tool that will help you hold them in your mind. You could also have a little offering dish on your altar and make various offerings to your deity.

Ribbons: Ribbons can be used for their colour correspondences, and also for some very simple knot magic (I am planning another blog about that soon!). They are especially handy in the Spring if you want to represent the Maypole on your altar.

Crystals: So I will be honest, Crystals aren’t something that
call out to me so much, but I know plenty of witches who love them!
Different Crystals have different vibrations that can help with
different spells as well as different emotional / physical states.
CLEAR QUARTZ: All round fantastic Crystal for healing, clarity and cleansing.
ROSE QUARTZ: The love crystal! Romance, friendships and family.
AMETHYST: This beautiful purple stone is a great crystal for psychic, dreamwork.
CITRINE: This is the crystal of abundance and manifestation. Particularly useful for financial and business workings.
BLACK TOURMALINE: Great for all forms of protection, including psychic.

Divination Tools: A Witch may use a range of different tools for Divination, my particular preferred method is through the Tarot, but you could also use a Pendulum, a Crystal Ball, or some Rune Stones. In fact, there are a lot of different ways you can practice divination and scrying without having to buy a thing!

Useful Non Magical Things
Here are a few things it might be handy to have around as you practise, they aren’t magical, but they certainly do make things a lot easier!

Matches: For lighting candles, incense, or any other fire you might need.

Herb Jars: You guessed it! For holding herbs, or anything else you need to keep in an air tight jar.

Boxes/Bags: I can never find a box when I need one (and I sell them!), so it’s always handy to pick up a few when you are out and about. If you have limited space like me, it is important to have a neat and organised way to pack your things up, when you have finished.

Candle Stick Holders: This is pretty much a note to myself as much as it is for anyone else! My candles always end up living in jars, bottles, and even getting blue-tacked onto things. If you see a candlestick holder that you like, my advice is to just get it, there is nothing worse than having a bunch of beautiful pillar candles that you are unable to use because you have no way of holding them up!

I really hope this blog has been helpful!
It has taken me a LONG time to write, but do let me know in the comments what your Witchy Essentials are, or if I have missed anything.

Here you can check out the first two parts of the series;
Part 1: Witchcraft 101: WTF is it?
Part 2: Witchcraft 101: Spells & Spellcraft

And as ever, you can always find me on Instagram and Facebook!

Peace and love! xxx


Book of Shadows:

Witchcraft 101: Spells & Spellcraft (Part 2)

Blog Posts Posted on Tue, October 09, 2018 09:57

This is part 2 of my Witchcraft 101 series, taking place this October, if you would like to read part 1 (Witchcraft 101: WTF is it?), then you can find it HERE.

Today, I am going to talk a lot about “energy”, so here is a quick re-cap from my last post about what exactly that means;

The world is filled with (what I am going to call) energy, and we can feel it all around us. For example; You might meet a person, and before they have even said hello, you can already tell that you are going to get on really well with them, because they somehow seem to radiate warmth and positivity. Equally, there may be people you meet that have an anxious, or a frustrated energy around them, and you may even find that being around them, makes you feel like you have these feelings too.

This energy exists in all life, and perhaps to a lesser degree, in places, and in things too. If you visit a place where terrible things have happened, you may find that you feel uncomfortable, or become upset easily. You may treasure a piece of jewellery owned by your Grandmother, because when you wear it, it’s almost like you can feel her love for you.”

WTF actually is a Spell?

A spell occurs when a person purposely changes or manipulates natural energy.

A spell doesn’t necessarily need physical components, words, to be done at a specific time, or in a specific way. What is important, is the focus and intention of the caster.
For example, one of the simplest, and most common spells cast, is a glare.
If someone glares at you, you may spend the rest of the day wondering what you did to offend them, or, if you know what you did, you may spend the day feeling sad or angry about it. You are now carrying around, someone else’s negative energy that they have directed at you, and have manipulated to make it effect you.

Witches often actively seek to learn how to best manipulate the energies around them, in order to manifest their intentions, and this is called Spellcraft.

What are the different types of Spells?

In the Witchcraft community, there are lots of different words used, to describe different manipulations of Energy. Here are some of the more common ones you may come across;

ENCHANTMENT / CHARM: A spell that is cast onto a person or an object, to make them carry a specific energy with them. For instance, if you have a coin that you carry with you, to bring you luck, then the coin is considered a Charm. If you attempt to cast a spell on someone to make them love you (not advisable), then you would have put them under an Enchantment.
MANIFESTATION: A very common type of spell, that wills something into existence. For example, a spell with the intention of bringing love, or money into your life, would be considered a Manifestation Spell.

CURSE / HEX: Usually a type of Enchantment or Manifestation Spell, done with the intention of causing the barer harm. A Hex is considered to be more formal than a curse. A curse could be cast accidentally (as in the Glare example above), whereas a Hex is usually a pre-planned attack.

BANISHMENT / CLEANSE: As you may expect, a Banishment Spell exists to get rid of something. This could be a literal existence (such as a pushy ex), an emotion (such as jealousy), or even something spiritual (like a curse or Spirit).

DIVINATION / ILLUMINATION: These are spells that seek to provide the caster with Clarity on a certain topic. For instance, a Witch may use Tarot Cards in order to seek advice on a certain aspect of their life, or they may use a Pendulum to help them make a decision. I plan to talk more extensively about Divination one of my upcoming Witchcraft 101 blogs, so keep an eye out for that!

Can I cast Spells?
Of course you can!

Anyone can cast spells, and Spellcraft is often is very trial and error based, but (as I said), the most important thing is learning to manifest your intention. It is not enough to simply “want” something to happen, you have to be willing to put the work in; this is what turns your idea into a spell, rather than simply being a wish.

How can I focus my Intention?
Every Witch has their own preferred way to hone in on and focus their Intention, and you will find the way that best suits you as you practice and develop. Here are some of the most common ways to get started;

WRITE IT DOWN: Try to write a short concise sentence that describes exactly what your intention is. Try to leave no part of this open to interpretation, and try to keep the language positive, and in the present.
I don’t want to be poor.” is not so good, “I have lots of money.” is better.
Once you have written your Intention down, fact check it with yourself. Write a couple of bullet points on WHY you want it, and what exactly you hope will happen, and then compare these to what you have written, you may find you need to edit your initial sentence slightly, once you have really thought about it.
I have lots of money.” may become “I banish financial poverty from my life.” for example.

MEDITATION: If you are someone who practices meditation, you may find it helpful for honing in on your intention. Take some time, for peace and calm, and once you have found your centre, begin to focus in on your intention; in your meditative state, start to explore the “Whys” of your spell, and then your hopes for what it will achieve. Once you have found the root of it, you can end your meditation.

VISUALISATION: Similar to Meditation, but not quite the same, this technique involves imagining what will come to pass as a result of your spell with as much details as possible. Your visualisation should include, not just images, but all of the senses, as well as any emotions the spell should evoke.

You could use any of these methods, or even a combination of them to start to find clarity on what your intent is, so that you can manifest it to its fullest extent when you actually cast your spell.

How do I manifest my intention?
Only once your intention is really clear in your mind, can you go about manifesting it in the form of a spell. This is where it gets super complex, because there are as many different ways of putting a spell together, as there are Witches, and it really is up to you to find the way that suits you. That said, here are some things to consider;

Yourself: Will you need to hold or touch something? Is visualisation enough? Maybe you need to speak or sing out loud? Is some form of movement necessary?
Nature: Do you need to collect certain plants? Do you need to smell them or consume them? Is it the right season for your spell? Do you need to be outside?
Another Realm: Do you need to call on the Spirits? The Fae? The Gods? The dead? How will you reach and represent them? Why should they come to you? Are you willing to do what it takes to get them to help you?
Elements: How will you control them and keep your Spell safe?
Space: Which stars/planets/moons will you use? Is today a good day for this spell? What does your horoscope say?
Art: Will you use your own creations or someone else’s? Which pieces/materials will you use? What is their significance to the spell?
Food: What is significant about *this* meal? Does it use ingredients with specific properties? Is it food that means something to the person it is intended for? Will the eater actually enjoy the food, or are they likely to pick at it and just leave it on the plate?

There are infinite places to harness energy for spells from, you need to find what feels right for you and your practice.

Although not absolutely essential, some Witches like to use tools with different correspondences when putting their spells together. Almost anything can potentially be a Witches tool, but some of the more common ones include Candles, Incense, Essential oils, Crystals, Wands, Tea, Cards, Salt, Athame (ritual knife), Feathers, Plants and Ribbons. My next Witchcraft 101 post is going to be about the Witches Toolkit, so you can look there for some more ideas and clarification.

Depending on the type of Spell you are casting, you may need to take some precautions to look after yourself during, and afterwards.

It is perhaps worth noting here that as I am a mostly Secular Witch, I don’t call on energies from other realms for my own spells, because I am not completely convinced that they exist (but more on that later); Obviously, not everyone feels the same way, so if you are calling on beings from other places, do whatever you feel is necessary to stay safe. Some people draw or visualise protective circles, some people cleanse themselves before and afterwards to be sure they are rid of any lingering negative energies, and some people consecrate their spaces with salt. If you do plan to attempt this kind of Witchcraft, do some solid research, and maybe enlist the help of a more experienced friend.

Some Witches practice Grounding and Centering before casting any spells. Centering is when you take the time to fully connect with your own energy and try to become more self aware, whereas Grounding is connecting with the Earth and the energies around you (even if you are not using them to power your spell). Both of these techniques can be super important to your mental health, when casting, especially if your practice involves dreaming, or trance states.

If you are casting a particularly emotional Spell, make sure to have some aftercare prepped and ready to go for once you’ve finished. Small and simple things are great, a phone call with a friend could be perfect (particularly if you have any Witchy friends who you can go over the experience with!), or even just having your favorite movie or stand by, with a glass of wine, in a bubble bath…

Spellcraft for Secular Witches

If you are a person who struggles to believe in any deities, or who finds a lot the idea of energy from other worlds, all a bit too “Harry Potter”, you are not alone. There are many Witches (including me) who are on a similar wavelength, but just because you are a Secular Witch, doesn’t mean you have to be cut off from Spellcraft.

Kitchen and Cottage Witchcraft appeals to a lot of Secular Witches, because it is easy to see a direct transference of energy; You cook a meal with love and affection, the person who eats it feels happy and loved when they eat it, and it is as simple as that. Candle, Bath, and Tea Magic can be similar, in that you can often personally see or feel the effects of the spell immediately.

Secular Witches may also be interested in Green Witchcraft, and feeling connected with natural energies. Gardening could be a form of Spellcraft, especially if you are growing herbs to later be used in Kitchen Witchcraft, or for other practical purposes. Lavender is a good example of a plant that whose soft smell is relaxing and can help you sleep, and you may use it in Spells to help relax you before bed (even if you think that the idea of Garlic warding off “evil spirits” is fantastical, and unlikely).

A Secular Witch might find Tarot Cards useful, even if they don’t believe their hands are guided by Spirits.
They might burn representations of things they want to banish from their lives, because it is a symbolic and helpful gesture for their brain, rather than because they believe it is a magical ritual.
They might see the benefit of having a positive attitude, even if they don’t believe that others are subconsciously psychickly affected by it.

That’s one of the great things about Witchcraft, there are no rules, and one person’s brand of Witchcraft, is no better than anyone elses.
So you just get to do you.

Please let me know if you have any questions in the comments, and I can make sure to address them in my next post! You can always get hold of me personally through Facebook, Instagram, or Pagan & Witches Amino, and I will always get back to you (I love having Witchy friends!).

Peace and love xxxx

Witchcraft 101: WTF is it? (Part 1)

Blog Posts Posted on Wed, October 03, 2018 09:49

Hello loves! Happy October!

I realise that there may be a lot of people looking over my blog, and finding it difficult to pinpoint what Witchcraft actually is, and why I do the things I do. For this reason, I have decided to dedicate this month to Witchcraft 101, and to strip down everything to its basic principles, so that if you have an interest in the craft, you have a place to get started.

If you have any questions, or can think of any topics in particular that you would like to see covered this month, leave me a comment on this post, that way I can make sure to write about things you guys are actually interested in! As ever, you can also get hold of me on Social Media at the usual places (Instagram Facebook).

WTF actually is a Witch?

Simply put, a Witch, is a person who practices, and studies Witchcraft.

Witchcraft means different things to different people, but here is my understanding of it, and I am going try to explain it in the least hippy-dippy way possible;

The world is filled with (what I am going to call) energy, and we can feel it all around us. For example; You might meet a person, and before they have even said hello, you can already tell that you are going to get on really well with them, because they somehow seem to radiate warmth and positivity. Equally, there may be people you meet that have an anxious, or a frustrated energy around them, and you may even find that being around them, makes you feel like you have these feelings too.

This energy exists in all life, and perhaps to a lesser degree, in places, and in things too. If you visit a place where terrible things have happened, you may find that you feel uncomfortable, or become upset easily. You may treasure a piece of jewellery owned by your Grandmother, because when you wear it, it’s almost like you can feel her love for you.

Witchcraft is the act of embracing this energy, and sometimes manipulating it.

Can I be a Witch?

Sure you can!

The word “Witch” isn’t gender specific.

Witchcraft isn’t a religion; some people choose to practise Witchcraft alongside their religion, some people practise Witchcraft with no particular religion (like me!), and some people choose to follow a Witchcraft based religion – but more on that later. The point is, no matter your faith, or lack of it, you can still be a witch.

Witchcraft isn’t a hereditary. It doesn’t matter if no one else in your family is, or ever has been, a Witch. You still can.

And as this blog aims to prove, you can even be a witch if you have no money, live in an urban environment, and suffer from mental health problems.

If I’m a Witch, does that mean I am Pagan or Wiccan?

Not all Witches are Wiccan, or even Pagan, and the words are not interchangeable.

Paganism is an umbrella term for lots of different belief systems, that exist outside of the major world religions. They mostly have their roots, or take some teachings from religions that predate Christianity, and often have multiple deities, and an aspect of Nature worship within them. Druidry, Shamanism, and Wicca are some of the more popular Pagan faiths, but there are hundreds of others that are lesser known. Some people choose aspects from lots of different Pagan faiths to follow, and create their own unique belief system that feels right for them, these people are called Eclectic Pagans.

Wicca is a Witchcraft based religion, popularised by a man called Gerald Gardener throughout the 1940s and 50s. It is allegedly based on pre-Christian folklore and magical ritual tradition and has its’ own set structure of ethics, deities, and festivals for Wiccans to follow.

To be clear; I am not personally Wiccan, and I am probably only vaguely Pagan, but I am solidly a Witch. Some people in magical circles (not me) get really offended when you get these three words mixed up, so try and make sure you have at least some clarity on them if you are going to get social!

Do Witches worship the devil?
*Photo Credit*

As I mentioned, Witchcraft isn’t a religion, and people of all faiths can be Witches. In my Witchcrafting Community, there is quite a large group of Christian Witches, there are also Witches who worship the Ancient Deities of fallen civilisations such as Greece or Egypt, there are Witches who are Agnostic, or Atheist, and yes, there are some Witches who worship Satan too.

Witches aren’t necessarily good or evil, and they don’t necessarily practise “light” or “dark” magic. Most Witches exist on a spectrum somewhere in the middle, because above all, Witches are just human people, trying to get by in the best way that they can.

What kind of Witch am I?

I don’t personally feel like you “need” to label what kind of Witch you are, but it can be helpful if you are looking for communities of people with similar interests, or if you are trying to learn about specific types of Witchcraft. Here are some of the more common terms;

KITCHEN/COTTAGE/HEARTH WITCHCRAFT: These terms are mostly interchangeable, though some people feel that Kitchen Witchcraft is specifically food related, whereas Cottage or Hearth Witchcraft is more about using energy in the home. These Witches use everyday items and tasks to help enhance their own lives, and the lives of those they live with. Kitchen Witches find magic in cooking and cleaning, in tea and coffee, or in candles and baths, and the most common form of this, is simply cooking meals to share with love.

GREEN WITCHCRAFT: A practise that focuses mostly on nature, plants, and animals. A Green Witch will probably enjoy gardening, foraging, or bird watching, and their magic will focus on harnessing energy from Nature. They are usually dedicated environmentalists, and are interested in the different uses for plants or herbs, and may feel quite attuned to the seasons, and other cycles of nature.

HEDGE WITCHCRAFT (aka Hedge Riders)
: These Witches believe in, and often seek to connect with and draw power from, another world, that co-exists with ours. It may be fae, the dead, or even angels and demons; historically, a hedge used to be mark the border of neighbouring villages, so the term comes from that, to see “over the hedge” is to see into our neighbouring worlds. Shamanism is one of the largest Hedge based practises as it often has a high focus on spirits (but again, not all Hedge Witches are Shamans, and not all Shamans would consider themselves Witches). A Hedge Witch may well practise Lucid Dreaming, Second Sight, Ouji, and may even take mind altering drugs and hallucinogens to help them better connect with the other side.

Some people may say Hedge Witch, when they in fact mean Green Witch. It’s a bit confusing because Hedge Witchcraft has very little to do with literal Hedges. It is another distinction worth knowing because some Witches take great offence to being called the wrong thing.

: A witch that harnesses her energy from “the elements”, most commonly; Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, but also sometimes Spirit, Electric, or Psychic. Some Elemental Witches are dedicated to one specific element over all others, in particular there is quite a lot of Ocean and Sea Witches.

: These words describe Witches who work with the spectrum life magic. Light magic is traditionally healing, and draws its power from life, and dark magic, is typically the opposite. However, it isn’t quite as simple as “light magic equals goodness, and dark magic equals evil,” as with everything, there is some balance to be had. Some Light Witches work healing magics for the wrong reasons, and some Dark Witches work harming magics for the right reasons. Grey Witches live somewhere in the middle, and can be heard saying things along the lines of; “Do no harm, but take no shit.”.

COSMIC WITCHCRAFT: More than just horoscopes (though that certainly is part of it), Cosmic Witches follow the alignment of the stars and planets, and other movements in the sky, and use the vast energies that exist in Space for their workings. Cosmic Witches tend to have rituals and celebrations for specific Solar and Lunar events, and have an interest in Astronomy, as well as Astrology.

: As the name suggests, these Witches find power from traditions; There are a lot of Witches from all over the world, who are interested in keeping the ways of the Norse, the Greeks, the Celts, and the Egyptians, alive, and there are many smaller traditions that exist as well, passed on through families and communities via songs, books, and word of mouth.

: This is maybe not such a recognised form of Witchery, but it is one of the most important ones for me personally. An Art Witch might be any creative person, who finds energy through experiencing art, and who creates and manipulates their own energy by producing art. I feel like I could write a whole blog about this one form of Witchcraft on its own, and maybe I will…
I feel like it’s possibly important to point out that I am not only referring to the traditional visual arts here, but also to performers, writers, designers, people who create film, and anybody else who does anything creative at all.

In my experience, most Witchcraft fits vaguely into one or more of the above categories, but don’t worry if your personal brand doesn’t, Witchcraft has no rules…

Here are some other terms you might hear that could be useful:

COVEN: A group of Witches who meet to practice and/or celebrate together.

SOLITARY WITCH: A Witch who practises alone, and doesn’t share her craft with others.

SECULAR WITCH: A Witch who doesn’t attach any religion or spirituality to her crafting.

CLOSET WITCH: A Witch who doesn’t openly admit their practise, as they may wish to hide it for professional, or personal reasons.

ECLECTIC WITCH: You guessed it, a Witch that draws inspiration from a range of different paths. Most Witches can be described as this really, including me!

I am a mostly Solitary, mostly Secular Witch who practices a heady mix of Cottage, Green, and Art Witchcraft, with sprinkles taken from other places.

I really hope this has helped to clear a few things up for anyone who might have been following me, but felt a little confused as to what it is that I am actually doing. I am looking forward to bringing you more of the basics over the next month!

If this post has inspired you to start your own path into Witchcraft, and you have any questions at all, please do fire them my way in the comments! I would love to help out in any way that I can! I would also really like to recommend an app called Pagan and Witches Aminos, which is a blogging community of people from all walks of life, sharing their knowledge and experiences. It has TONNES of information and suggestions for new crafters, and is very supportive as a community. If you do join, give me a follow (Fennella), and send me a message! I’ll follow you back, and we can be pals who learn from each other.

Peace and love xx

Tarot For The Autumn Equinox

Blog Posts Posted on Sat, September 22, 2018 21:01

If you feel so inclined, doing a tarot spread on the Sabbats can be pretty therapeutic, and can help give you a sense of clarity for the coming season.

I personally believe that every single card in the deck can be
related, in one way or another, to my life, so when I draw the cards it
is completely random, but each card helps me look at my situation a
different way. It is like talking to a stranger with no agenda about my
problems. I think that taking the time to concentrate on what you
are hoping to discover whilst shuffling the cards is as helpful as an
exercise in mindfulness.

Some people feel there is a much more mysterious magic at work, but even if there isn’t, it doesn’t meant the cards can’t be useful.

I’m going to talk you through a great spread that I did for the Equinox, including some information on how you might go about reading your own, if you are fairly new to the cards.

The Spread

1. Overview of the spread.
This card is the equivalent of doing a quick one card draw, it is the short answer to the question; “What will this Autumn hold for me?”, all the other cards you draw, are in relation to this card.
2. Personal goals for the season.
This is a chance for you to examine your personal desires for Autumn before you pull the main body of the cards for the spread. What are you reasons for completing the spread? What do you really want from this season?
3. Your personal harvest.
What have you been working on? How can you reap the benefits?
4. What should you focus on this Autumn?
In order to achieve your personal goals for the season, this is what you should be working on.
5. How should you prepare for Winter?
Autumn is a beautiful time, but it often seems fleeting, whereas Winter seems to stretch on forever. What can you do to make sure you are ready for the dark times ahead?
6. How can you create balance in your life?
Which parts of you are a little out of whack? At this time of change, how can you kick them back in line?
7. What can you learn about yourself by looking inwards, and into the dark?
Remember the Autumn equinox is about welcoming the darkness, not only in the seasons, but also within ourselves. Taking some time to engage with our less attractive traits, wants, or fears can be really healthy, what can we learn there? How can we use it to better our experience?

This is my personal spread.

The first thing I notice, before I go too deeply into the meanings of the cards, is that I have two II’s. Now, two is a number that represents partnership,and balance, so it’s a pretty sweet draw to be pulling on the equinox, a day when we consider the relationship between dark and light, and seek out balance.

I can also see that I have an abundance of Cups, and Wands, signifying that my work and my relationships are going to be large ruling factors this Autumn – no change there then.

I started to type out the card specifics, and what they mean to me, but it ended up WAY too personal, kind of like just handing out a page of my diary to a bunch of strangers on the internet. I’m sure you guys are here for my Witchy knowledge and experiences, rather than for the intimate details of my weird little life, so here is a brief rundown instead.

1. Overview of the spread: The Wheel
Your luck will change, stay the course. Good things are coming.

2. Personal Goals for the season: The Magician
Card number 1! New beginnings, new opportunities, make the most of it.

3. Your personal harvest: The Knight of Cups
Unexpected creativity! Now is the time to write / draw / paint / sing. This is a damn good harvest.

4. What should you focus on this Autumn: II of Wands – Reversed
Now is the time to begin figuring out what I really want in the future, and planning for it.

5. How should you prepare for Winter: II of Cups
Finding balance in my relationship, we should appreciate each other and make sure we are enjoying everything we have.

6. How can you create balance in your life: King of Pentacles – Reversed
Find financial ballance with my partner.

7. What can you learn about yourself by looking inwards, and into the dark: V of Wands (Reversed)
I am scared of conflict, and shouldering a larger burden than I otherwise would because of it. I need to face my fears if I am to move forward.

(Thanks to my good pal Mani for this lovely Equinox photo of me)

I hope this blog post as been helpful for people looking for a little guidance this Equinox. Don’t forget I offer really in-depth Tarot Readings in my Etsy shop, and I would love to read for your Autumn! Get 20% off any tarot reading using the code EQUINOXBLOGPALS, and for this specific spread, choose the Intuitive Tarot Spread option, and write me a little message.

If you are still stuck for ideas of what you can do to celebrate the big day, just keep scrolling down, and my blog with “10 Ways To Celebrate The Autumn Equinox with No Preparation, and No Cash”, should be just beneath this one!

Please tell me in the comments what your plans are, and I would love to see your Equinox photos on Instagram!

As ever, if you don’t already, please do follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Pagan And Witches Amino!


10 Ways To Celebrate The Autumn Equinox (with no preparation and no money)

Blog Posts Posted on Sat, September 15, 2018 18:50

I have missed the last two Sabbats due to poor mental health, but I am SO EXCITED about the Autumn Equinox.

And actually, I feel very excited, to feel very excited about anything at all.

I don’t follow any Gods, and I don’t believe in Magic in the traditional sense of the word. For me, feeling connected to my Craft, is usually about feeling connected to my own Creativity and to the Natural World around me.

The Autumnal Equinox is simply a time of balance.

It is one of two days during the year when the daytime is in equal length to the nighttime.

From this point onward, the nights will be longer than the days.

For me, the Autumn Equinox is about accepting and welcoming the darkness, both literally in the changing of the seasons, and metaphorically, looking inward.

I think that this is why it is appealing so strongly at the moment.

This is not a Holiday that asks me to shed my scaly skin, but instead encourages me to embrace my demons and find a way to move forward with them in tow.

And baby I look damn fine in Snakeskin Boots.

(JK, I’m Vegan)

It’s also a Harvest Festival, which is traditionally a time to be grateful for the abundance of the Summer, and whatever that means to you in a world where you can eat Bananas in the middle of Winter, that have been grown 5000 miles away from your home. Be thankful for your relationships, your health, your assets, or even your allotment…

Here’s ten ways you can celebrate the Equinox even if you are also skint and too busy/miserable/forgetful/all three to plan anything.

1. Build an Equinox Altar

Yes. A traditional Mabon Altar would probably be covered in organically collected Autumn leaves and conkers, a specially bought apple scented red candle, and maybe even a little handmade scarecrows. But you can decorate your own altar without the strenuous effort of leaving the house, or spending money on anything new.

If you are a Clutter Witch like me, you probably have boxes and bags filled with rocks and ribbons, and charms, and candles, and even the little skulls of rodents that you found in Greece. If so, it should be relatively easy to assemble some kind of altar, just pick the stuff that has vaguely Autumnal colours, and maybe something that represents balance? Or life and death? Or dark and light?

If you are a tidy person, who doesn’t hang on to weird stuff for no reason, it might be a bit trickier, but think about what the Sabbat means to you.

Think about the things you are grateful for;

Money? Place some coins on your altar.

Friends and family? Use photos.

Personal growth can be represented by nuts/seeds, and health by good healthy root vegetables from your pantry.

Could your kitchen scales represent balance?

Your Altar doesn’t have to be Instagramable, and it doesn’t even have to be “Witchy”, it just has to be a tranquil place for you to connect with your craft and whatever that means to you.

2. Do a clear out, and then donate it.

Speaking of being a Clutter Witch… The equinox is a good time to do a clear out. Autumnal cleaning is just as important as Spring Cleaning, it just isn’t as fashionable.

Now is the time to say to yourself; “Do I really need this? Really?!”, and get anything that doesn’t fit the bill into a Charity Shop.

I suppose this is a kind of practical way of considering and appreciating the abundance that you have, and hopefully helping some folk that might be less fortunate. Choose your charity wisely.

It’s definitely worth checking out your pantry too, lots of people have dusty tins of tomatoes, or unopened bags of dried beans, bought with good intentions, but which are likely to never see the light of day. Either get them to a food bank, or get them in your belly.

3. Fast – then Feast.

As an artist, I have found myself constantly and accidentally obsessed with the act of eating. As a Witch I can see that there is magic in food. There is an animalistic power in hunger, and in the destructive tearing, chewing, and swallowing for sustenance. There is power in consuming something. Mothers feed their children from their bodies, and then later teach them to cook. Relationships are built over meals, and sometimes a good bowl of soup, can fix a multitude of ailments…

Such is the power of a Kitchen Witch.

Harness that power this equinox.

Fast through the daylight hours. Recall what it is like to actually feel hunger, in a world where food is often available on demand.

Then Feast!

There is no better welcome than fine food, so prepare your favorite meal to eat as soon as the sun sets, and raise a toast to Darkness as you welcome her into the world, and into your life. Be grateful for the food on your plate, and the way it fills your empty belly.

(A 12 hour fast shouldn’t be a problem for most people, but do drink lots of water, you know your body better than anyone else, so listen to what it needs. If you have any concerns have a wee chat with your doctor.)

4. Go for a walk in the dark, and welcome it into the world.

If you are working (or sleeping) through the day, you still can enjoy the arrival of Winter by having a little potter in the evening. Ideally you would start at around sun set, and stay out until it becomes completely dark, but you just do whatever you have the energy for. Wish the sun well as you wave it goodbye, and then allow yourself to be engulfed and embraced by Darkness.

You could even bring a nighttime picnic, or sit on a bench with a bag of chips.

If the sky isn’t too cloudy, the sun set might be pretty, the stars might be bright.

5. Build an outdoor altar

Maybe you are feeling the outdoor thing, but not so much the “at nighttime” thing.

Or maybe, you don’t really have any space to set up an altar in your home, even if it is just using household items (my altar is a shoe box, filled with my witchy stuff, that I sometimes take out, cover with a scarf, and then arrange my Witchy things on top of, because I have no space at all), but would really like to create some sacred space to find calm.

Get into any green space you have access to, backyards and football fields are as valid as fields and forests, and get collecting. Anything natural is great; Early autumn leaves, conkers, sticks, rocks, feathers, flowers, dirt and seeds; it can be super relaxing and therapeutic to spend a few hours doing nothing but wandering about, collecting things, and appreciating nature. If you want to bring any biodegradable food from home to leave as an offering (to the Earth, the animals, the fairies, the Goddess, the Darkness, or whatever your thing is), then you can and should. Fruits, nuts, seeds, and dried beans / pulses are good – mouldy bread is not!

Find a quiet spot, and start to arrange your collection. You might hide them in the branches of a tree or a bush, or place them on top of a boulder or tree stump, or maybe you could just place them on the ground, inside a circle if that’s your thing. Do whatever it is that you like to do to attune the space to you and your personal energy

Now take some time to just hang out and relax at your altar, do some meditation if you fancy it, this is your own sacred space now. When you are done, be sure to pack up any non-natural things you brought with you, but you can leave you altar as intact as you like, maybe you’ll revisit it for Samhain, or other little rituals in the future…

6. Look inward, and do something creative.

For some reason, being an artist is totally and completely essential in order for me to maintain some semblance of sanity. I often think; “Wouldn’t it be nice to just not be an artist, and to be able to get on with my life without feeling like I constantly have to create things or my brain will explode.”.

The obvious place to create something specifically for the Equinox is in your Book of Shadows or your Grimoire.

This piece is water colour and charcoal.

The words around the edge say;

“When faced with my Demons – I clothe them and feed them – And I smile – Yes I smile as they’re taking me over.”

They are lyrics from a song by Katatonia that have been persistently in my head recently, and somehow feel perfect.

So this is my new Grimoire (though I’m not totally settled on calling it that yet), and this is my Autumn Equinox page. As you can see, it is absolutely nothing like any of the Book Of Shadows pages you will see elsewhere on the internet, and that’s okay. It has all the information that I think is important, and a thoughtful illustration that I found therapeutic to create. This was kind of a big deal for me because, despite practicing for years, I have never actually put a Grimoire, or Book of Shadows together. I bought this book months ago with good intentions but couldn’t figure out how I wanted to get started, there’s so much conflicting advice, but this piece just sort of fell from my fingers and onto the page.

I just like that I have wandered off topic…

What I am trying to say is, if creating makes you feel good, and it feels right, then you should do it, and don’t worry whether it is the right brand of Witchy or not. Especially on the Equinox when we cast off other people’s expectations of what we should be.

7. Watch a rubbish film that you love / Listen to guilty pleasure music.

Here’s one you can do from your duvet. Stick on that really really terrible film / song that you love, and just allow yourself to enjoy it without thinking too hard. If anyone questions you, just tell them you are celebrating the Equinox, seeking out ballance, and observing the light in the darkness, then tell them to get involved or get lost.

8. Count your blessings, find blessings in your flaws

This is another one that might work nicely in your non-traditional Grimoire, or Witchcraft Journal (I like that better I think). Take some time to list the things you are grateful for, and if that’s really hard, and you accidentally end up writing all the reasons that you don’t deserve good things, either just stop, or try and turn it round.

Example: I am grateful for my family who love me (Great!).

I am grateful for my family who love me even though I’m a fuck up (not so great).

I am grateful for my family who love me even though I don’t have a proper job, though actually this is a good thing, because I am waiting to get the right job that will make me happy, and my family really need me around because otherwise they would never discover new funky music and be stuck listening to Elvis and Rod Stewart forever (better).

9. Light candles, drink tea/wine and have a bath.

One of the best things about being a Witch, is that you can do some really normal, relaxing, self-carey-type things, in the name of Witchcraft, and the Sabbats.

If your teapot is your cauldron, then you can brew up some really nice autumny tea; I would maybe go for a Rooibos, or if you like fruity tea, opt for apple, berries, or pomegranate, maybe with a cinnamon stick, or some dried cloves. Just regular breakfast tea, coffee, or hot chocolate is totally acceptable too, what’s important is that it’s warm and nice and makes you feel happy you are inside in the warm. If you like to practice Tea Magic, you could even turn this into a proper ritual and say some words, and stir the tea in whatever way pleases you most.

Candles can be super relaxing, if you have any candles in autumnal colours, or with autumny smells, now is the time to break them out! To turn a simple candle stick into a ritual or “candle magic”, simply take a knife and carve something into the side of it, maybe a symbol or rune if that’s your thing, or just a word that means something to you. Then light the candle and focus your intent, do some meditation or just take some time to chill out, and as the candle burns through your carving, allow the feeling of the word to manifest within you.

Some ideas for the equinox might be; Acceptance / Light / Balance / Welcome / a Yin Yang symbol.

Ritual baths are great too, and work sort of in the same way as Ritual Teas, in fact, you could use any of the teas I mentioned earlier in your bath to make it feel autumnal, or you could use essential oils, bubble bath, bath salts or bath bombs. You could actually incorporate your candles and tea into your Ritual Bath for a super relaxing / powerful soak, or why not replace the tea with a glass of vino? The Equinox is a sacred day for Dionysuss, Greek God of wine and partying after all!

10. Do nothing.

Of course, the easiest, cheapest way to celebrate the Equinox, that will require almost no energy whatsoever, is to do absolutely nothing at all. There is perfect balance in doing nothing, and it is a perfectly valid option that does not make you any less of a Witch.

And that is it! 10 ways to celebrate the Autumn Equinox that with no preparation and no money. Hopefully there are some helpful ideas here for you, no matter how you are feeling at the moment.

Please let me know in the comments if you have any plans for the equinox! I would also love to see any pictures you take, so send them to me! I’ll be sure to let you know what I get up to very soon.

As ever, if you don’t already, please do give me a follow on Instagram, Facebook, and Pagan & Witches Amino.

Peace and Love! xxx

Kitchen Witchery: 4 Ingredient Carrot & Lentil Soup

Blog Posts Posted on Tue, August 28, 2018 16:20

I have never really considered myself to be a Kitchen Witch, but
recently I have found it difficult to feel like I am a Witch at all.
I have no energy to practice or write like I used to.
actually kind of funny, because I used to post at least once per week
on my old blog, then I set up my Instagram and my shop and it was going
really well, and then I built this site, which I am really proud of, and
then I just stopped.

I have less than optimum mental health, and I fell into a hole.

never intended for this blog to be a personal thing, I intended it to
be soley full of useful information for Crafters, but here we are, and I
am sure I am not the only Witch who sometimes feels utterly powerless.

even when I can’t bring myself to celebrate the Sabbats, read my cards,
or even light some candles, I still have to eat, and more importantly
than that, I still have to feed my partner.

Okay, that maybe sounds dumb. I don’t HAVE to
feed my partner, he is 31 and quite capable of feeding himself. But,
it’s one of the only routines I have that feels productive. Every week, I
make a meal plan, write a shopping list, do a big shop, and then cook a
delicious healthy meal, at least once per day. When you are depressed,
cooking for yourself seems at best indulgent, and at worst selfish and
pointless, but cooking for someone else is important and worthwhile.

when I have no energy to do anything except lie in bed and watch crap
telly all day, I still force myself to get up in the evening and make a
decent meal. I am Kitchen Witching all the time, whether I mean to or

Money is a challenge. Last week I had £24 to last a
fortnight to feed both of us. So I did a BIG shop between Sainsburys and
Iceland (because they are the two stores within walking distance, so I
don’t need to spend any money on transport), focusing mainly on dried
beans & pulses, tinned food, and frozen vegetables. I am very lucky
that I already had a cupboard filled with spices, or its likely this
fortnight would have been very bland.

I eat a strictly vegan
diet and I find it annoying when people talk about it being expensive.
It’s not. Meat and dairy is very very expensive.

Kindness. Kindness. Kindness.

My Mum is the kindest person I know, and she used to make me and my sister Carrot & Lentil Soup when we were kids.

Carrot & Lentil Soup is the ultimate Witchcraft.
is good for you, and it is delicious, and it is high in protien and
fibre, and it is easy to make, and it is filling, and it is so so so
Carrot & Lentil Soup wont cure your depression, but you
can make it when you have no energy, and you will feel like you’ve
accomplished something, and it will feel like you are looking after

My Mum didn’t realise she was teaching me to be a
Witch when she taught me how to look after myself and my soul, much like
I’m sure my Dad didn’t realise he was teaching me to be a Witch when he
nurtured my love of mountains, lakes and rivers.

I didn’t
realise at the time that my Mum was making me carrot and lentil soup
because it’s probably all she could afford to put on the table, and it
was the only way she could get my little sister to eat any vegetables at

She used to make us guess what spices she had used.
It was usually cumin.
But she probably didn’t realise that she was teaching me to cook.
The first step to cooking well is tasting, and recognising what you can taste, so you can start to pair the tastes up.
Now I make four different versions of her Carrot & Lentil Soup.

The Basics
To Serve 2.

3 hand fulls of chopped Carrots (frozen, or fresh)
1 chopped Onion
Enough Red Lentils (dried) to cover your carrots and the base of your pan
1 Vegetable Stock Cube

these 4 simple ingredients in the pan and cover with water (1/3
ingredients, 2/3 water), then cook until the lentils are soft, and the
mixture no longer looks “watery”, you can add more liquid along the way
if you need to. Let it simmer and bubble for at least 30 minutes, take
this time to focus your intention on feeling better, or just on feeling
at all.
I prefer this soup blended in a food processor, but you can have it as it is too.

you can see, I am not great with precise measurements, and I wont be
able to tell you how many calories, or macros there are in this dish. It
wouldn’t be hard to figure it out using scales and MyFitnessPal if you
are that way inclined.
I am not because the way my brain works, I find it very very easy to get completely obsessed by these numbers.
don’t think I know a single woman who hasn’t just stopped eating
entirely at some point. For some reason it’s easy to correlate
controlling what we eat with having control in our lives. It isn’t
healthy, but this soup is, whatever the numbers.

What are the magical properties of this soup?
don’t know how much I believe it that. For me, Kitchen Witchcraft (and
all Witchcraft really) is mostly about how well you focus your
intention. The properties in this soup are mixed up with my own
nostalgic feelings of care, and kindness, and therefore it is sort of my
personal potion for self-love. But in-case, you want something more
mystic than that, I did this research, and it turns out it is pretty on

Carrots: Luck, Grounding & Vision (1)
Lentils: Peace & Tranquility (2)
Onion: Protection (3)

Optional Extras
mentioned before that I now eat four different versions of this soup,
although it is such a good base, that I am pretty sure there are
unlimited options. You can adapt your recipe for your own intentions and
to suit whatever you happen to have in your cupboard. I love spicy
food, so everything I eat usually ends up being very hot.

ALMOST ALWAYS add a little Tumeric, a little Black Pepper, and a little
Olive Oil. I’ll be honest and say, I can’t remember exactly why Tumeric
is so good for you, but I know that it is, and I know that you need a
little black pepper and oil to help your body absorb it. Tumeric is a
very delicate flavour, and goes particually well in anything Indian

Optional extras for Indian inspired soup:
Curry Powder
Garam Masala
Coconut Milk / Cream
Indian Hot Sauce
Chilli / Chilli Powder
Coriander / Coriander Powder
Cardamon Pods
Cashew Nuts
Crushed Almonds

Optional extras for Mexican inspired soup:
Paprika / Smoked Paprika
Cayenne Pepper
Chilli Powder / Flakes

Optional extras for Asian inspired soup:
Chinese Five Spice
Soy / Tamari Sauce
Peanuts / Peanut Butter

key with any of these combos, is to add a little at a time, and to keep
tasting the broth until you are happy. It is an excersize in connecting
with your taste buds, and trusting yourself, if it tastes good to you,
then it is good.
If you can tell when something tastes great,
then you are a great cook. You are good at creatively putting flavours
together. You are good at nourishing your body, looking after yourself,
and healing.

Carrot and Lentil soup is sanity, or maybe it is just soup.

Try not to add salt unless it’s really necessary, there is enough salt in the stock cube already.

Please let me know in the comments what food you cook for yourself when you feel low, I would love to be inspired by your Kitchen Witchcraft!

This is me making a promise to myself to try and blog at least once per week, even if it is just really simple recipes. AND if you would like to read an actual useful blog about learning Tarot, which I wrote ages ago, only just published, and never advertised, you can see it here.

Peace and love! xx


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